Project Platform Artists Announced

We are delighted to announce the artists selected for the five Project Platform commissions. Each artist or collaborative duo will respond to one of the five legs of the new Crossrail journey as it passes through Newham, from Liverpool Street to Ilford. They are:

Liverpool Street – Stratford ‡ Lindsay West & James Russo

Stratford – Maryland ‡ Sebastian Hau-Walker

Maryland – Forest Gate ‡ Stew Simpson & Rob DesRoches

Forest Gate – Manor Park ‡ Sally Labern

Manor Park – Ilford ‡ Paddy Conn
About the Artists:
Paddy Conn is a musician from Bangor, N. Ireland, currently composing for Audio Network. Paddy was launched as a new ‘undiscovered artist’ and has since had his music featured on Made In Chelsea, MTV Skins and Sky Sports. Also playing in dream pop band Swimming Tapes, whose first single, Souvenirs, featured in Sunday Times hottest tracks in April.
Sebastian H-W (MX:UK) is a live artist whose work explores identity, memory, technology and the body in expanded, experimental approaches to performance, audience experiences and action-based installations and interventions @SebastnHW
Sally Labern is an artist using drawing, film, sculpture, performance, text and social media. Her work explores boundaries between private and contested public spaces, repositioning the hidden and the found. Sally co-directs the drawing shed, based in East London, with Bobby Lloyd, where they collaborate with locals and build bridges with fabulous projects in and out of E17!
James Russo is an artist and art teacher based in London. He completed a BA in Fine Art at Central St Martins School of Art and Design in 2009 and a PGCE in Art and Design at UCL in 2015. He works with ink and paint to create semi-abstract work that meditates on people, places and the relationships between them.
Stew Simpson graduated from Cumbria Institute of the Arts in 2004. He is an interdisciplinary artist and folk singer who works in various media, from live performance to painting  and drawing. Stew explores areas of sound and vision through a fictional performance character, Arthur Jarman. He will be collaborating on Project Platform with musician, Rob Des Roches.
Lindsay West is an American-Scottish singer, songwriter, artist and teacher based in London. She completed an MA in Fine Art at Edinburgh University in 2006 and a PGCE in Art and Design at UCL in 2015. In her art practice, Lindsay combines sound and field recordings with found objects to try to explore memories and journeys.
Project Platform Artists Announced



A cross-arts project for CoffeE7 and Newham, inspired by Crossrail



Deadline extended: 5pm, Friday 15th April, 2016


About the project:

Project Platform is a collaborative project conceived and led by artists Leah Lovett and Lloyd Jeans that draws on the rhythms of the railway and Newham’s rich musical heritage. Five Newham-based composers/songwriters will be invited to respond to one of the five legs of the train journey from Liverpool Street-Stratford-Maryland-Forest Gate-Manor Park-Ilford. The resulting music will be performed live by the Platform Band during a special event at CoffeE7 in September 2016 and recorded for the Platform Project 2016 album.


What we’re offering:

  • 5 x £300 music commissions
  • Full production support
  • A chance to collaborate with and have your music performed by a live band
  • Your piece recorded in a professional studio and mixed by a sound engineer


What we’re looking for:

Newham-based songwriters, composers or sound artists working in any genre are invited to apply. You will create a new piece of music in response to, and the same duration as, one leg of the Crossrail train journey as it passes through Newham, between Liverpool Street and Ilford. All styles of music are welcome, but we particularly encourage proposals that will translate into live performance. The exact makeup of the band will depend on the selected proposals, but at the moment we are imagining bass, brass, rhythm, guitar and vocals.


How to apply:

Please copy and answer the questions below and send as a PDF to by 5pm on Friday, 15th April, 2016.

You must be living or working in Newham and aged 16 or over to apply.




Contact Details:







How did you hear about Platform Project?

Do you have any particular access requirements?



  1. Please describe your music practice (250 words max.)


  1. Please describe how you would approach this project (500 words max.)


  1. Please note any technical requirements you may have


Please provide up to 3 links to your existing work (Soundcloud preferred), including passwords where relevant.




Thanks to the Mary Eileen Jeans Bequest.